Benefits of Having a SEIT in the Classroom

A Special Education Itinerant Teacher, or SEIT, is an in-service provider that works with preschool children in a multitude of settings. When working with in a classroom, the benefits to a child can be enormous and reach far beyond the walls of the school.

While SEIT services include direct instruction, they can also include indirect services that are provided to teachers to “facilitate their ability to reinforce targeted skills throughout other daily activities and/or modify the curriculum, their instructional methods, or the learning environment to facilitate the child’s independence and participation in appropriate activities.” In many ways, students view a SEIT as another teacher, therefore, enhancing the overall learning environment. A good SEIT makes it a point to move around the classroom and spend time with all the students rather than remaining solely focused on the student he or she is there to support. The balance between providing support and allowing time for independence and growth is delicate and an effective SEIT is sensitive to this.

Additionally, a good SEIT will find a way to collaborate with the school staff so that the child’s needs are met and the school is comfortable with the strategy being utilized. This is done by working on the goals from a child’s IEP and developing strategies to help practice the goals within the context of the class. Keeping parents and caregivers informed of new strategies is also an integral part of the collaborative process that the SEIT facilitates.

At Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices we have an all day SEIT program where the child is in a special classroom with individualized attention from his/her SEIT for the entire day. This program provides one-to-one individualized educational programming for preschool children, ages 3 to 5, with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. The SEIT follows the child’s Individualized Education Plan and tracks their goals to ensure they are making progress.

We also provide SEIT teachers in the home and community based settings such as the student’s school, center-based or day program to encourage the generalization of skills.
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