ICare4Autism and Haifa University Break New Ground in Applied Autism Technology

HAIFA, ISRAEL – December 2, 2011

On November 22, 2011, more than 400 researchers, educators, technologists and parent advocates gathered at the University of Haifa to attend the day-long ICare4Autism Applied Autism Technology Conference to learn about the latest interventions and technological advances now available to help meet the needs of children with autism.

The Conference, which focused on new applications of media and technology tools to increase social skills, speech and language, independence and learning for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), was the most recent in a series of ICare4Autism events designed to meet the needs of autism communities throughout the diverse regions of Israel.

The Conference, developed by Dr. Joshua Weinstein, ICare4Autism’s Founder and CEO, working in close collaboration with Haifa University Professors Tamar Weiss and Dr. Eynat Gal, explored ways in which Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) Devices and other new technologies achieved very significant positive effects on the communication, social and behavioral skills of children with autism.

Presentations covered topics ranging from technology-supported storytelling by children with high functioning ASD, to the use of multi-media tools to teach young children to identify emotions and interactive games based on body motion tracking technology.  Groundbreaking research as well as practical demonstrations were featured.

Dr. Joshua Weinstein hailed the potentially transformative impact of the latest advances in autism intervention, saying, “The wonderful new world of possibility manifest in these latest technological developments makes the need to develop practical collaborations to implement these tools all the more urgent.  Bringing the most advanced technologies and interventions to persons with autism is a vital element of ICare4Autism’s global mission.”

For a complete list of speakers, presentations and demonstrations at the Haifa Conference, please visit:  http://www.icare4autism.org/autism-resources/conference-applying-technology-for-intervention-with-children-with-autism/

For information about ICare4Autism’s 2012 Global Autism Conference in Jerusalem, on August 1st and 2nd of 2012 at the International Conference Center (ICC), please visit: http://www.icare4autism.org/2012-conference/

Contact: Kim Robinson krobinson@icare4autism.org