Hear Our Voices Looking to Include iPads to Classrooms

With the onset of more accessible visual electronics such as iPods and iPads,

Visual electronics have been booming. Their popularity, of course, is due to their vibrant colorful graphics, simple touch interfaces, and endless supply of new applications that help users do everything from order a cup of coffee to produce a symphony.

As the accessibility of these products becomes more open to those younger and younger, even showing up in schools. While some parents and teachers disapprove of their personal use in classrooms, stating children may waste time on site like Facebook and not pay attention, other teachers, especially those of special needs and autistic students, are quickly taking advantage of such a powerful tool.

With the colorful graphics and simple touchpad interface, iPads are perfect for autistic children visual learning style. The iPads allow the children to create and explore all the while showing information in a visual manner, making subjects and theories easier for them to grasp.

Debra Redpath’s class at the Liberty Elementary School is a model case. Recently, with help from a grant, Redpath’s class received 13 iPads, one for each student.  The children jumped right in, exploring the millions of applications (known as ‘apps’) and becoming immersed in their subjects. Aside from use in school subjects and educational games and activities, iPads can allow children who have difficulty communicating to show pictures or symbols to communicate with teachers, parents, and other children.

Currently, teachers at Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices are hoping to expand their classroom to include iPads. They ask that anyone who would like to donate a gently used iPad to please email us or you can make a donation and ‘like’ our cause on our project donation page.

We thank you.