Television Crew Rescue Boy with Autism

Television Crew Rescue Boy with AutismAn Australian family could not fully express their gratitude to a local television camera crew who found their missing family member, seven-year-old Ryan Pham.

Ryan, who has autism, has a fascination with water had last been seen abut 7pm the night before.

Cameraman Glenn Edwards and a news crew were driving down a dirt track around 11am when they spotted the boy, about 2km from his Springvale home. The crew had been speaking to the family and decided to look for Ryan along the edge of the water themselves.

Edwards saw Ryan shivering as he waded through some reeds on the other side of the creek about to attempt a crossing. Edwards called out to Ryan to stay put but Ryan seemed adamant on entering the creek anyway.

”I knew young Ryan couldn’t swim, so when I went down to the water’s edge and felt how strong the current was, and he was splashing around, there was nothing else to do but go across,” Edwards said.

Edwards retrieved the boy and the team wrapped him in a sweatshirt. They tried to comfort the boy while waiting for authorities to arrive.

Police were very impressed with Edwards efforts, as the situation could have had a tragic ending without the crews intervention.

Ryan’s mother was overjoyed to have her son back safe and sound.

He was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital for assessment and later released in a satisfactory condition.

New technology to help locate children with autism who have wandered is becoming increasingly popular as well as training emergency services how to best deal with rescuing children with autism.