Hidden Talent Discovered Through Music Therapy

Kyle Coleman

Kyle Coleman

Kyle Coleman is young Cornwall man with autism. He also has an amazing talent.  25 year old Kyle’s incredible singing voice was uncovered after his mother took him to music therapy in 2009.

Kyle can only say a handful of words; while unable to express himself verbally his music therapist, Carine Kelley, has found that music is an instinctive way for Kyle to express his emotions.

Music Therapy is the distinctive application of music to improve personal lives by creating positive changes in behavior. Music is used as a tool to promote development in social/ emotional, cognitive/learning, and perceptual-motor areas.

Music is successful because it is a nonverbal form of communication, it is a natural reinforcer, it is immediate in time and provides motivation for practicing nonmusical skills. Most significantly, it is a successful medium because almost everyone reacts positively to at least some kind of music.

‘It became clear almost immediately that Kyle had a natural affinity with musical elements and could recreate his favorite songs on the keyboard with no prior musical knowledge,’ she said.

Once Kyle’s mother realized he could sing his favorite songs with perfect pitch, she took him to a recording studio to see how he’d do.  The rest is history.

Music executives were blown away with Kyle’s talent and suggested he record an album for charity.

Kyle’s album, Therefore Am I, is due to be officially released on World Autism Day, 2nd April, and proceeds will go to the National Autistic Society (NAS).

You can listen to a preview of Kyle’s Album on Amazon.