Autism Workshop Teaches Adaptive Daily Living Skills

Shema Kolainu's Educational Coordinator Chani Katz, MA, BCBA, fields a question.

Parents and professionals were welcomed into Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices today for a free autism workshop.  As part of our workshop series, our Educational Coordinator Chani Katz, MA, BCBA, presented a workshop written by our Education Director Gili Rechany, MA, SBL, BCBA, on Adaptive Daily Living Skills and helping those with autism to be independent.

We at Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices, School and Center for Children with Autism regularly open our doors and share our findings about how children on the autism spectrum learn to communicate, socialize and succeed while engaging in daily routine activities and interacting with others.

Autism Workshop toilet training exercise

Attendees participate in an exercise on toilet training

Chani started by going through toilet training, including what to do before you start, baseline and training procedures as well as possible problems that may be encountered. She then spoke about self care skills, explaining how to use social stories and task analysis to assist in training skills such as brushing teeth, dressing and eating.  Chani finished up by covering pre-vocational skills such as following task analysis or activity schedules to do tasks like making the bed or completing homework.

Throughout the workshop Chani stressed that every child is different and that specific attainable goals should be set for each child.

Shema Kolainu's Educational Coordinator Chani Katz, MA, BCBA

Shema Kolainu's Educational Coordinator Chani Katz, MA, BCBA

Our educationand training program is designed to inform and enhance the knowledge of participants about autism, related services and behavior analytic techniques used to effectively teach personal, social, and academic skills.

This workshop series was designed in response to parents, teachers, therapists and others who requested to learn how to improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders.