Tips from our Readers

Yesterday we talked about how to make your home an autism-friendly living space. We asked you to share what steps have you taken to make your home autism friendly and if you have any decorating tips for other parents working to transform their homes.

Another reader recommend gluing and bolting down furniture so it wont tip if climbed on. She also had to saw the legs off her child’s bed to prevent him from hurting himself when diving off.  She also recommends wall padding and gates everywhere.

Someone else recommended that first and foremost an autism friendly home should have a fenced yard.  She also recommended not having carpets and to always a provide a special space just for your child, where they can put the things that calm them down and have some quiet time.

Earlier this week we talked about how different toys can be used to develop different skill sets and areas of learning.  We asked you if you thought toys provided your child with important life skills and if so what toys you have found the best.

One commenter thought that toys can absolutely provide a child with important life skills and particularly recommended Legos, Mindstorms and Magnetix.

A reader lamented the lack of old fashioned toys and games that he used to play with as a child, such as a tin cans and a piece of string.

Someone pointed out that toys help all children learn saying that play is a child’s work.  She said that her children all had wooden blocks, stuffed dolls and the like. When they were older they had action figures and acted out their favorite movie scenarios.