Autism Video Company asks Families for Suggestions

The makers of Be Like Buddy™ are inviting families affected by autism to give suggestions for their 2012 video productions.

Be Like Buddy™ is a new, online video series for children with autism that stars a puppet, who learns important life skills with the help of parents, teachers and visual aids. The first episodes are set to launch in Summer 2012, but what happens next will depend on input received from the autism community.

“‘How can I help?’ is perhaps the best question you can ask a family affected by autism,” says Be Like BuddyTM creator Dan Kalinowski, “because the answer isn’t always obvious or intuitive. Believe me, I know.” Dan’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2002.

“We’re making incredibly fun educational videos for children on the autism spectrum. So our way of asking ‘How can we help?’ is by encouraging families and educators to tell us what skills they’re trying to train-in, at, Facebook (, YouTube ( or by emailing Whatever makes it easiest for caregivers to ask.”

Be Like Buddy™ is made by a team of video specialists, animators, musicians, photographers, puppet designers, web designers and others. Theireducational approach includes behavior modeling, visual schedules, photo stories, and elements of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Relationship Development Intervention (RDI).

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