New Autism Social Learning Software A Success

New Autism Social Learning Software A Success

The Language Express, a developer of social learning software for children on the autism spectrum, received its first round of seed funding from a private investment firm. The company’s initial product, The Social Express™, is a 16-lesson autism app that’s receiving enthusiastic reviews from parents, therapists, educators, and bloggers.

Launched late last year, The Social Express is now used in thousands of classrooms across 65 countries. One special education teacher using the program’s 30 interactive scenes describes it this way: The Social Express is an interactive, engaging app with amazing graphics covering many social skill topics Autism Spectrum Disorder students need to acquire.

Children with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and ADHD have difficulty interacting with others due to deficits in social skills. According to teachers using The Social Express, “It teaches kids how to read facial expressions and body language and how to choose appropriate actions in varying social situations.”

A Speech Language Pathologist with over 30 years experience in working with children on the autism spectrum wrote the curriculum. One mom using The Social Express describes it as “a real gift” for her family. She explains that when her son selects a good coping choice to deal with a social situation, she can see the sense of accomplishment in his face. This app truly supports what he’s learned in his social skills class, she tells us.

According to Marc Zimmerman, Founder-CEO, “We’re so excited by the overwhelming response from parents, therapists and educators of autistic children to The Social Express.” He continued, “They tell us kids love the characters and the interaction! They ask to use The Social Express every day.”

While this app may be prohibitively expensive for many therapists, you can tell a lot of work went into it.  Developing an app with animation is no easy or cheap feat. It includes a limited set of lessons so updates with more lessons will be eagerly awaited.