Finding the Right Doctor for Your Child with Autism

Finding the Right Doctor for Your Child With Autism

Finding the right doctor to help your child with autism can be a difficult assignment. However, there are several resources which can help you including the approved Doctor Listing, which has doctors recommended by parents in the autism community.

There may be community groups set up to help you connect with other parents of children with autism in your area.  You can email them and ask for names of doctors in your area that can help you with biomedical interventions. They will probably be able to give you names of not only DAN! Doctors (ARI doctors), but they may know of other doctors in your area that are using holistic approaches you may be interested in learning about.

Once you have your list of doctors contact them and learn as much as you can about their methods and practices. You need to feel comfortable with the doctor you choose. Every person is different, your doctor is no exception, their style may not work well with you or your child, or they may be the perfect fit. It is perfectly fine to shop around.

We all know there are some big name doctors out there, don’t be afraid to contact them, even if they are in another state. Many of them are willing to work with your local doctor to help develop a protocol for your child, while some will even Skype with you in lieu of a traditional appointment. If you feel your child could benefit from seeing a big name doctor, give them a call and see if they can work with you and your situation.

Don’t discount the local doctor. Although your local DAN! May not have a big name or a book, doesn’t mean they aren’t knowledgeable and very willing to help your child.

Know when it is time to move on. You may exhaust your doctor’s ability to help your child. There may come a time when you want to do something else or the doctor isn’t aggressive enough; whatever the issue it’s okay to move on.

This is your child’s life and it is up to you to take charge of the situation. Find all the resources you can, and make the best-informed decisions for your child’s health.