Special Education Costs Continue To Soar

The New York Times reports that the costs to fund private special education programs are soaring. The programs are not well known in the education community, however, they are fundamental in assisting special needs children with every day skills that they need.  An added bonus includes the private classes and in-home instruction for parents with children who need more specialized instruction. However, the fees for these programs are exceeding over $40,000 and private schools as well asparents are in a dire search for more government funding.

The prekindergarden programs are more expensive in New York than in any other area, and city officials are perplexed on spending efforts. Town hall meetings are seen as the only way to organize and try to re-adjust spending. The officials don’t doubt that these services are needed, but they do wonder if spending efforts could be stabilized so that budgets won’t be so tight and families won’t feel such a strain.

It’s clear that the concern should be more objective versus financial.  Studies have shown that programs have indeed been progressive as students who start the programs go onto continue to advanced programs and truly benefit from the skills that they learn.  At the end of the day, there are many students who have disabilities, and they benefit more from these programs tremendously.

The only sure way to insure these programs stay in tact is to advocate for these students. We must campaign for their behalf.  Without specialized education, we fail to provide stable learning environments for our children.  And with the number of special needs children increasing, we must make every effort to campaign for affordable programming.