Developing a “Team” Collaborative Approach for Autism

As part of our free workshop series at SKHOV, we held a workshop yesterday on the Development of a “Team” collaborative approach for Autism. Many parents and caregivers from all 5 boroughs were in attendance.

The workshop discussed the essential key members and their roles and responsibilities of a child with Autism. As discussed the “Team” Collaborative Approach consists of siblings, parents, extended family members, friends, teachers, therapists, physicians, and other medical professionals as well.

We also discussed the various mental, physical, dental, oral, and other health issues associated with Autism. People with Autism are prone to suffering a range of health related complication that can make life difficult, uncomfortable, and in come instances may cause social isolation.

Our next workshop will be held on December 11, 2012, which will be discussing the Promotion of Social Inclusion of People with Autism and other Disabilities in Education by Dr. Stephen Shore of Adelphi University.
This presentation will examine the development and educational use of accommodations as extensions of good teaching practice. Attendees will come away with easy to implement, practical solutions for including children with autism and other special needs into the regular education experience.