Deremiah *CPE visits Shema Kolainu

We were delighted at Shema Kolainu to have Deremiah *CPE come visit. It was our pleasure to give a grand tour. Our Educational Director, Gili Rechany and Program Director, Suri Gruen introduced Deremiah *CPE to the children at our school, with a little insight on the programs we offer and special success Stories we’ve had.

He was glad to find out that not only do we raise our kids but we grow with our teachers! Our teachers come in with the best recommendations and keep training and attending seminars to be up to date with all current methods. Deremiah *CPE also gained knowledge of the different difficulties we are facing, financial and such.

Deremiah *CPE: ‘My mission is healing through love!’ Dr. Weinstein: ‘So you have come to the right place, we have miracles happening everyday.’