Memorial Ride Raises Money for Autism

On Saturday, July 27, a family in Manchester took part in a remembrance ride in honor of two family members that passed away: Tim Haas, on January 13, 2010, to suicide; and Leo Haas, on July 26, 2011, to heart complications).  All proceeds were donated to the Mercy Hospital Autism Center in Dubuque.


This marks the second year that the Haas family has decided to take part in an annual memorial ride.  Last year they intended to cover funeral and headstone costs.  Next year they plan to help raise awareness of suicide.


The ride began at 10 a.m., on a 115-mile run starting at the Eagles Club in Manchester.  Even with the weather being very chilly that morning, many still showed up to support the ride.  There were over 50 bikes, some of them coming from as far as Cedar Falls.  There were a dozen buses and several cars.  The first stop was The Eagles Club in Monticello; then they stopped at a lunch stop at the General Store in Stone City.


The ride continued on through Waubeek, Troy Mills, and Wolfey’s in Quesqueton.  From there they headed to the city park in Masonville, where they relished in food, music, raffles, and good fellowship.


With the public’s support, the Haas family raised $1,000 for the Mercy Hospital Autism Center.  The family was honored to help support such a worthy cause, and hope their efforts have raised more awareness. “It was wonderful to be able to say that we helped in doing our part for autism,” said the family.  “Hopefully next year’s ride will be warmer.”


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