Awareness is Key- part 4

Whew, what a week!  Last week turned out to be great— HUGE advancement, lots of pool time, fraud attempt and even saw a movie!  This week will hopefully be as good!

Evan had never ever eaten even a slice of bread, of any type.  You wouldn’t even touch it so he could then throw it away.  At the Applied Behavior Center where Evan gets his therapy, a new food program was instituted on Tuesday.  The initial attempt was by all standards a dismal failure.  Try and try again is the way of Autism.  The therapists persevered and by Friday he was eating, YES I said eating, a half a slice of bread in one meal.  Over the weekend, we even increased it to a full slice and a hamburger bun!  Like I said previously a HUGE advancement!   What to try next:  chicken nuggets, blueberry muffins, peanut butter, or maybe even cake!  Oh, the possibilities.

Evan loves to swim and this weekend he decided that underwater swimming is even better than surface swimming.  Diving down to the bottom and staying there before continuing along the bottom is really enough to make sure you pay attention, and can drive life guards crazy.. Small boy who loves to swim underwater is truly a sight to see.  Evan seems more content in the pool than most anywhere else.

Between swimming and Symphony on the Prairie we were able to even watch the new movie from Disney, Planes.  The AMC theaters showed the movie in a sound down, lights up format which is absolutely fantastic for Evan and others with special needs.  Evan loved the movie and even I liked it, predictable but a good time.  The Symphony of the Prairie took 3 days to complete due to rain issues but Evan loves to go there and walk around, even when it is as crowded as it was on Sunday.  His acceptance of the crowd is another good sign for us.

Not all was good this week though.  As far as Evan is concerned it was all good but human nature took a step back.  I am selling my pontoon boat since we really don’t use it as much and I was contacted by a buyer who wanted it.  Long story short is that he was going to deposit the money in PayPal and pick up the boat, or so it seemed.  He said he would include the shipping fee for me to pay the shipper.  Even that sounded logical until I would have to pay the shipper prior to being able to access the deposit in PayPal.  Sounds fishy doesn’t it?  It was a scam and the “PayPal” he was using is not the real one but a cleverly disguised version.  Amazing what some people will do for a quick buck.  I am just glad that we didn’t follow through on the sale.  If Autism doesn’t rattle me, this little issue will not deter me from the main focus in life.

Fantastic week ahead with hopefully even more advancements for Evan and with the new release of Autism Companion on September 5th, more Autism Awareness is in order.  Remember to pick up your copy at local Kroger and Marsh stores, as well as on the website.  Pay particular attention to the cover.  Evan in all his glory is the cover and the cover article.  Frequent the advertisers and even tell them where you saw the ad.  I think it will be a good addition to promote more awareness.

Friday night is a big night as the Lions Club in Zionsville has their VIP Carnival as part of the Fall Festival and it is great time for Evan.  Food, games, rides and even high school kids to help Evan on the rides that have exceeded by comfort level are just a small part of the fun.  Come join us this weekend.  Have a great week.

Awareness is the Key!

By: Jim Monroe