Awareness is Key – part 5

Awareness is the Key!

Autism Companion, the new local Autism magazine is out!  You can even view it online at  However you choose to view it, just do it! Get one at Kroger or Marsh and pass it on.   It has great articles, some written by kids on the spectrum.  I have the cover article and the cover picture— so right there are 2 reasons to view it!

Last Friday night Evan experienced a fantastic time at the Zionsville Lions Club VIP Carnival at Lions Park.  This was our 3rd year attending it and it gets better every year.  All the special needs kids are treated like the VIP’s that we know they are.  Even better is that this year it wasn’t and didn’t rain!  Evan had a fantastic time getting to ride the rides, play the games, and even play with chalk and bubbles.  Some of the rides are too much for me to want to ride on but the Lion’s Club has thought of this as well.  We were given a 13 year old boy to ride with Evan.  As it turns out, his name was Evan as well.  The ride was WIPEOUT and it goes real fast in a mostly circular motion.  The 2 Evans loved it and even rode it back-to-back!  If I had tried that the meal we received would have caused issues with me.  This was a great time and we can’t thank them enough.

Evan completed the “bread eating” process in much less time than any of us thought was possible.  He continues to surprise us.  Next up are blueberry muffins.  That should be interesting and then we will choose another food – maybe cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets.  We already decided that I would just stop by McDonald’s every day and get a cheeseburger for his lunch.  Looks like I’ll be stopping by there on my way home from the gym.  It is truly amazing what we will do for our kids.  Not just the special needs kids but every parent, every kid, every time.  Parents really do ROCK!

Here is a big surprise!  Evan still has Autism.  Every 6 months we get to go to the Doctor so he can confirm he is still on the Spectrum.  I am sure I am preaching to the choir that dealing with insurance issues is never going to be fun.  We get to do it every 6 months so they can approve his therapy.  I am so glad that ABC takes care of the paperwork.  As the saying goes, “the job’s not done until the paperwork is finished”.  May not be what they were talking about but it definitely works in this instance.

Pretty good week as far as Autism goes.  Until next week—

Awareness is the key!


By: Jim Monroe