Awareness is Key – part 8

Evan is killing the food program.  He has destroyed bread, muffins and hamburgers.  Yesterday I didn’t have any bread (I did but it seemed old) so I gave him an English Muffin ripped up and…………. He scarfed it down!  No delay, No fighting, No issue— Amazing!

Another great event was the Answers for Autism Walk.  There was probably over 1000 people there supporting awareness.  Great activity tent, bounce houses, food, music and information as well as an Autism Store and silent auction.  Evan evened played in the sensory boxes.  There was also the coolest truck in the world.  That is it in the picture and you can find more pictures at the More than Words-Autism Awareness site. Pat Welch took 3 years to complete this masterpiece and if you get a chance to see it make sure you do.  They are great advocates for Autism Awareness as well.  Awareness can come in many different avenues.

Awareness is the key!

By: Jim Monroe