New Housing Available for Adults with Autism

Starting in November 2013, an eight unit residence facility will be open for adults with autism, with 24 hour service by New Horizons in Autism. Airmount Woods will be located in Ramsey, an area of Bergen County,New Jersey, that prides itself on its dedication to serving those with special needs.

Airmount Woods is being built on a 1.3 acre plot of land by theBergen County United Waywith $2.2 million funded by the Ramsey’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and grants from the NJHMFA Special Needs Trust, and the Bergen County Division of Community Development HOME and CDBG programs.

Children with autism receive therapies growing up, but what happens when they age of the services? This facility will be a perfect location for adults with autism to live independently, while still receiving the care necessary.

Bergen County United Way President, Tom Toronto, is extremely excited about this project. Adults with adults require certain needs, and this facility is the perfect fit. According to Toronto, Ramsey “school system has a celebrated special needs program…supporting people with different abilities.” [i]

Kudos to Ramsey for this wonderful project and supporting adults with autism!

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