Awareness is the key – part 9

Awareness is the key!

I can say one thing— the weather this week was great.  Not too hot, not too cold, no rain… oh wait that is not what I am writing about!

Evan’s food program is exceeding all expectations.  This week he scarfed strawberries, at an English muffin, at a whole hot dog at Pumpkinfest—bun and all and even followed it up today with a cheeseburger not from McDonalds this time.  Todays may have been a bigger struggle as I don’t think he was really hungry.  Once he was hungry he at the entire cheeseburger with no problem.

This was an extremely busy fall festival weekend since we are going to Disney this week, more about that later.  We went to Evan’s best friend’s birthday party at a gymnastics place Friday night.  Afterwards he ate a small bag of pretzels.  Another first!  Saturday all we did was go to Pumpkinfest, swimming at the YMCA, niece’s wedding, and finally parents night out for Evan while we went to the reception.  No wonder he slept so well that night.  Sunday we only did Stoneycreek Farms pumpkin festival and the Headless Horseman at Connor Prairie.  Evan did great— his favorite activity was, in addition to the hayrides (3) and lawn mower powered “trains” (2) he was absolutely fascinated by the flying monkeys tonight.  Really all it was a catapult throwing toy monkeys into the air about 30 feet.  Not all that exciting but he loved it and was quite vocal about it!

Like I said we are going to Disney.  It really is a fact-finding trip to see how the new guest assistance program works.  The GAC (guest assistance card) is being replaced by the DAS (Disable Assistance System) and since I set-up travel to Disney I need to see how it works.  The fact it is a vacation is just a plus.  Evan loves Disney (this will be his 10th trip) so I will have lots to report next week.  As always please give me comments or contact me.

Awareness is the key!

By: Jim Monroe