Learning How to Converse

A 14-week program is offered through the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at Florida Atlantic University’s Boca Raton campus, where high-functioning teenagers with autism learn the social skills they may struggle with.

Social interaction and social skills is something many diagnosed with autism struggle with, and thus require a different type of learning how to make and maintain healthy friendships and relationships. The instructors use unique methods to teach their students, and have been quite successful in teaching basic social skills.

Assistant director of the program, Ali Cunningham, explains,

“It’s not a skill that comes natural to teens on the autism spectrum… don’t learn this just by watching other teens and then acquiring the skills, they actually have to be taught the skill. Most of them may have difficulty initiating friendships where they have very few or almost no friends, others are really good at the initiation part but then that maintenance part where people have to stand you for a long time gets a little tricky.”[i]

We at Shema Kolainu understand the value of teaching social skills for those who may struggle with the necessary skill-set. We offer an excellent workshop series, including “Teaching Play to Children with Autism,” to be held November 21st. Please email krobinson@skhov.org if you are interested in attending this workshop, or learning about the other workshops available.

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