“BIP Builder” Proven Useful to Creating Effecting Behavioral Intervention Plans

When creating effective IEP’s (Individualized Education Program) for a child with autism, professionals want to use evidence-based and proven therapy methods. The Skillsé program is an online tool to help professionals and educators select child-specific treatment methods, that according to the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), provides access to

  1. Assessment- an evaluation of the child’s skills
  2. Eight Curricula- step-by-step instructions on activities that help children with autism acquire the skills they need
  3. Positive Behavior Support Planning for Challenging Behavior- a tool for setting up and storing BIPs for challenging behavior
  4. Progress Tracking- keeps a record on how the child responds to treatment, and how a range of events impacts on his or her progress
  5. Analytics- provides probably clinical outcomes, team evaluation and cost analyses[i]

One of the components of this program is the “BIP Builder” (Behavioral Intervention Plan). A successful randomized, controlled study showed that this program is effective in function-based intervention components. Jonathan Tarbox, PhD, BCBA-D, Director of Research and Development at CARD commented,

“We were excited to be able to evaluate a web-based tool that we hoped would be a useful and practical resource for clinicians who are in the trenches, providing effective behavioral intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder on a daily basis. Overall, we found that the too was easy to use, and it provided information that helped clinicians write better behavior intervention plans.” [ii]

Creating effective behavior plans for students who display unwanted behaviors is important for the success of removing these behaviors from the child’s daily routine.

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