Autistic Teen in Marlboro, NJ Goes Missing

Michael Karwan, a 19-year-old high functioning autistic teenager, has been declared missing by Marlboro, NJ police after he voluntarily left his home late Tuesday night.

Michael was last seen in the area of School Road West, after trying to check into Freehold hotel Tuesday night. He was turned away due to lack of proper identification.

Police believe that the teen is traveling by foot. The initial K-9 search produced no results, so police have expanded their search area.

When a child or teen with autism goes missing, it can be particularly dangerous due to lack of verbal skills. In New York, Senator Chuck Schumer has even proposed funding tracking devices through the Department of Justice for children with ASD, given the recent disappearance of 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo.

“Unfortunately, this is not uncommon among children with autism spectrum disorders,” Schumer said while promoting this initiative.

Michael, a Brookdale Community College student, is about 220 lbs at about 6 ft. tall. He has brown eyes and hair, and was last seen wearing a black jacket, blue jeans and green sneakers.

According to his parents, Michael has a strong interest in comic books and movies, so he may gravitate towards locations offering these things. If you see him please contact the Marlboro Township Police Department at 732-536-0100.

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