FDA Makes Moves Against ‘Autism Cures’

As of today with all that we do know about autism spectrum disorder, there is much to be discovered. One thing is for sure, there is no cure for autism.  For a long time the government has turned a blind eye to regulating companies that propose anti-vaccination or treatments that claim to cure autistic individuals.  But this past Friday the FDAannounced that these companies promoting fake treatments and potentially harmful “cures” could soon be facing legal action if they don’t stop their malpractices.

These companies prey on families that don’t have as much information about asd or who have been brainwashed into the anti-vaccination movement and give them false hope in believing that they have a cure for autism.

Here are some of the false “cures” that some companies have been promoting:

Chelation therapies- this method claims to cleans the body of toxic chemicals and heavy metals by using sprays, capsules, clay baths, etc. Although Chelation therapy is an actual therapy it is not meant specifically for autistic individuals. FDA approved chelating agents are used for treatment for things like lead poisoning and are available by prescription only. This method can remove important minerals from the body and cause life-threatening outcomes if misused.

Hyperbolic Oxygen Therapy- this involves breathing oxygen in a pressurized chamber, which is FDA approved for very specific medical use such as decompression sickness. This therapy has never been tested for or approved for any sort of autism treatment.

Miracle Mineral Solution/Supplement: this is a citrus juice mixture that comes in a package. The FDA has received consumer reports of nausea, severe vomiting, and drastic drops in blood pressure after consuming this mixture.

Caring for autistic children can be full of challenges that sometimes seem overwhelming, but for companies to prey on a parent’s desperation to help their child has gone unanswered for too long. If you come across any of the above treatments or any company claiming to cure autism, know that they are trying to cheat you. We urge and caution families to examine scientific evidence before beginning any intervention or treatment program. We believe it’s prudent to focus your energy on interventions that have proven beneficial in multiple clinical studies. The following information includes brief summaries of a variety of ASD interventions: Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Interventions, Dietary Interventions, Biomedical Interventions, Pharmacological Interventions, and other interventions such as speech, occupational and physical. We do not endorse or support any of the interventions listed previously; they are provided strictly for informational purposes. 

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