Great Outdoor Fall Activities

Here are some fun fall activity ideas for you and your child to enjoy before it gets too cold! For kids with special needs, the fall time provides some great opportunities to use the outdoors as their very own sensory playground.

– Rolling down a hill! The action of rolling encourages motor coordination and motor planning. If your child doesn’t like rolling you can also try using a piece of cardboard for sliding down instead.

– Jump in a pile of leaves! This activity is great sensory integration therapy for your child. From helping rake the leaves into piles, to jumping and stomping crunchy red, yellow, and orange leaves, your child will get some great physical activity as well.

– Go Hiking! Use the pretty fall foliage as a backdrop for hiking outdoors. You can also do research on walking trails close to home. This activity also provides an opportunity to do some outdoor exercise with your child.

-Camp Out! Especially for kids who are sensory sensitive, going camping in the fall time is great for the whole family.

– Draw on the sidewalk! Drawing little doodles, circles to jump in and out of, and hopscotch boards is a great way to engage your child in the colors and shapes they can make using chalk.

– Fall Scavenger Hunt! Ask your child to identify and find different color leaves, pinecones, rocks, etc. This is a good activity not only for speech and language, but also motor and organizational skills.

– Pumpkin picking! Take your child pumpkin picking, let them feel out and choose the pumpkin that they like the most and let them draw, paint, or decorate it in any way they like. Gutting out a pumpkin for carving is also a great sensory activity.

– Ladder toss! All you need is a ladder, some string, and beanbags or pine cones. Hang different numbers from each rung of the ladder and have your child toss balls, beanbags, or pine cones through to score points. The game is great for visual tracking and motor skills.