Illustrator and Author with ASD Publishes Childrens’ Book

man with autism authors child's book

Your mind has enormous power, and we can all accomplish amazing things with mental focus. The possibilities are absolutely endless. If you have a dream, why not go after it? That is exactly what this brilliant young man did.

In Nevada resides a 20 year old young man by the name of Ben Nelson. Ever since he was a child he has been illustrating and writing stories. He also has autism spectrum disorder. His parents began to recognize the symptoms of it when he was around 2 or 3 years old, due to his difficulties with communication. Then, drawing became a therapeutic outlet for him, which eventually helped draw him out of his shell.

At his high school, one of his teachers showed him how to use Adobe Illustrator. That helped him in a major way as a stepping stone, bringing him closer to publishing his first book. With more and more use, he got better with using the program. Using Illustrator, he created the story Little Red Flying Hood which is now available on Amazon!

To take things to the next level, students at the Southwest Career and Technical Academy turned his book into a film and even helped him create a website! It makes Ben very happy that people made a movie out of his story. If you’re curious, the book tells the story of Red, who is a house fly with a terrible memory. Each character is different and unique but they always fit in. His mother, Laura Nelson, is very happy that her son is fulfilling his dreams.

Ben will continue chasing his dream with plans to advance the publishing industry. He also wants to complete some college credits in graphic design. This remarkable man and story shows us all that the power lies within yourself to conquer all of your goals!

Taja Nicolle Kenney, Eerie Community College