Jobs for people with Autism!

As some may know, people with autism may have a difficult journey while during the job hunt. However, we came across an amazing Car Detailing Company in Florida that employs 35 people with autism spectrum disorder.

The D’Eri family started their car wash when their son Andrew, 25, was having trouble finding a job. The idea was to start a small business that only employed people with autism to show the world that people with autism are not unemployed because they are unable to work. They are, in fact, talented, brilliant, and trustworthy people who deserve a chance at working for any organization.
The D’Eri family did exceptional research in starting a business that not only put their employees to work and gave them financial stability, but they also chose a business that would challenge and teach their employees physically and cognitively. They found that working at a car wash exercises the motor sensory skills as well as social skills. All of the employees greet the clients, wash the cars, and share turns collecting and documenting the money.
If the D’Eri family can create a successful business with 35 autistic employees, this idea opens the door for other businesses to create similar programs that positively shape the lives of those they mentor. It is fair to say that things are changing and looking up for people with autism in the work force.
ICare4Autism has also joined in assisting people with Autism in the workforce. We have created an innovative vocational program that provides job readiness, resume writing, and training. Let’s continue to be the change we want to see!