The CDC Grants Rutger’s University $550,000 for Autism Research

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Rutger’s University Medical School was awarded $550,000 to study childhood autism and developmental disorders in New Jersey. This grant is apart of the CDC’s $20Million budget allotted to fund autism monitoring centers across the United States.

By accepting the grant, Rutger’s is joining the Autism and Developmental Monitoring Network and will work with them to estimate the number of children with Autism in the United States. With Rutger’s now joining the network, it makes it easier for the organization to get a more accurate number of children living with autism.
John Hopkins University, University of Minnesota, University of Vanderbilt, and several other research universities are also in the network.
According to the CDC, one in 45 children are placed on the “autism spectrum” in New Jersey. The national rate is one in 65 Children.
Rutgers will be researching school-age children receiving autism support and assessing their progress, and why there has been such a rise in autism diagnoses. Now that Rutger’s has joined the network, it puts more educated brains, eyes, and ears in action to help monitor and enlighten on the epidemic.