The Social Network: TheraConnect

autism social media app

In today’s world, social media is everywhere. Whether we use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or one of many others, there are endless modes through which people can connect. Individuals are able to instantly communicate anywhere at any time; the opportunities are boundless!

However, connecting with people in the right way is not always that simple. These sites may be open to everyone, but the online community is so vast and intricate that often people get lost somewhere in the shuffle. UC Irvine student Chanel Fischetti hopes to fix this for adults with autism.

Fischetti recently developed an app called TheraConnect, which is designed to bring together autistic communities. Like Facebook, it establishes a person’s interests and allows them to connect with others who share their passions. However, TheraConnect goes one step further in that it simultaneously serves as a database for therapy as well as employment opportunities, housing facilities, and continuing education opportunities specifically designed to fit users’ needs.

Fischetti hopes to bring people affected by autism together in an easy and accessible way. She recognizes the social difficulties experienced by those with ASD and believes that TheraConnect could alleviate these communicative stressors. Currently, Fischetti and her team are still raising money to Kickstart the mobile application and website.

Sara Power, Fordham University