The Mini-Miracle of Chase Faulingham

chase faulingham autism

Miracles come in all sizes, shapes, and packages. However unexpected, they can appear like a guiding hand in the darkness. Chase Faulingham is just one wonderful example of the forms that a miracle can take.

While walking with his grandfather, the 5-year-old Canadian heard a noise and asked that they stop. When the grandfather heard nothing, he continued walking, only to be met with Chase’s protests. The reason? A man’s life was on the line.

A semi-conscious, injured man was trapped behind one of the snowdrifts that had resulted from this winter’s extraordinary snowfall. Without Chase and his persisting efforts to make his grandfather stop, the man may have gone unnoticed until he froze to death.

The significance of Chase’s story does not solely lie in his heroism; nor does it found itself off some extraordinary quality created by his autism. Rather, the significance lies within the fact that his story demonstrates that children with autism spectrum disorder can do anything that typically developing children can do. His diagnosis does not restrict him; it simply adds another element to his nature.

Not only is Chase Faulingham capable of a miracle; miracles can come in all shapes and sizes, regardless of a diagnosis or handicap.

Sara Power, Fordham University