Fashion For Autism, Texas Style

autism walk in paris

On April 23rd, The Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, TX hosted a luncheon event called “A Walk in Paris” in support of autism. Funds raised were given to the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas, which provide residential, educational, therapeutic, adult programs, diagnostics and research services for autism and autism-related disorders.

Many local businesses came together to show their support for their community. Andre Yabin and Luis Nazario were the featured designers. Their line is called Binzario and is based out of Dallas. They showcased their custom-made gowns even gave one away through a raffle.

Jeannette Chivvis of Chivvis Style produced the vintage French-inspired fashion show. She is famously known as the “frugal fashionista” and is one of the most sought after stylists in the south. Special guest Carrie McClure, the host of Good Morning Texas on WFAA-TV’s channel 8, also attended.

Roundup for Autism is the local non-profit organization who presented and hosted the show. They were launched in 1988 by Bobby Norris, who was inspired by his autistic daughter. Norris is a farm and ranch realtor who is very involved in the equine world.

Their first event was a cutting and roping competition. Since then, the organization has grown into one of the biggest fundraisers and supporters for the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas. Norris’ love for the horses makes him one of the biggest supporters and advocates for equine therapy.

Original Coverage by Dallas Morning News