Shema Kolainu 2015 Reunion

shema kolainu reunion

A joyous celebration of past achievements for Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices: School and Center for Children with Autism took place on Thursday, May 7 at our 2015 Reunion Banquet.

Our students were treated to dancing, toy giveaways, and a spectacular magic show at the Renaissance Ballroom in Borough Park, Brooklyn on May 7, 2015. Following the initial festivities, a very special award was presented to Volvi Brown in honor of his distinguished achievements for the school.

Brown was able to take home stunning original artwork created by several Shema Kolainu art students, which symbolizes the creativity and collaboration between so many outstanding people that have made Shema Kolainu a wonderful place for growth and fond memories.

This delightful reunion brought together our current school aged students with Shema Kolainu alumni, and of course, their parents, who are the driving force behind the children’s progress. Shema Kolainu leadership present at the event included CEO Dr. Joshua Weinstein, Program Director Suri Gruen, Educational Director Gili Rechany and IEP Coordinator Chani Katz.

Thank you to all who made this event a great success and put a smile on our kids’ faces! Special thanks extended to The Friedlander Group for putting together the event, and to all Shema Kolainu staff in attendance.

Written by Hannah Jay