Book Featuring Child With Asperger’s Syndrome to be Made Into Comic

blue bottle autism

Blue Bottle Mystery: An Asperger Adventure, written by Kathy Hoopmann, is a novel featuring Ben, a child living with Asperger’s Syndrome. In the near future, this new and fun novel is going to be made into a comic series. 

The main plot of the book is that Ben, who was only recently diagnosed with Asperger’s, finds a blue bottle while cleaning up the school’s playground. Ben was told to do this after getting in trouble with his teacher due to a misunderstanding brought on by his Aspergers. Ben and his friend Andy begin an adventure that is exciting and mysterious. 

This book is not only something fun to read but it is also educational. By having a main character on the spectrum, children with autism or Asperger’s can relate and find safety in knowing that they aren’t alone. It also provides children with a story line that they can follow and that is easy to read. The thought process of Ben is shown in the comic series as well as what he says. This is highly beneficial for others because it can be a point of confusion during conversations. 

In the book and comic series, each character has an important role. Ben’s dad represents most parents who have children on the spectrum. He is coming to terms with his child’s disorder and learning how to readjust his lifestyle accordingly. Ben’s grandmother is also featured as one of his caretakers. In the novel, Ben’s mother recently passed away and his grandmother is helping him and his father. The novel incorporates family dynamics along with the mystery regarding the blue bottle. 

On Hoopman’s website, she explains her reasoning for writing a book about someone on the spectrum. She said that as a teacher, she often times saw people who were different and unique get bullied because they didn’t fit into a certain type if category like athletic or popular. This inspired her to write a novel whose main character uses his disorder to help solve a mystery. She also wanted to write this novel because it will teach others that uniqueness should be accepted and when it is, it’s amazing how much one can learn. 

The comic series will be published some time before Christmas. Rachel Smith, who is the creator of House Party, will be illustrating the comic series and it will be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Written by Sejal Sheth