AMBER ALERT: Autistic 9-year-old Missing Since July 4

Handout photo provided of Omarion Humphrey

Handout photo provided of Omarion Humphrey

An ongoing search is in progress for Omarion Humphrey, a missing 9-year old boy from the Detroit area who has autism.

Omarion is severely autistic and nonverbal. The Davidson Township Police Department released information yesterday that law enforcement is working with volunteer search crews in and around a Genessee County park.

The boy was last seen at 6 pm on Saturday, July 4 at Callis Lake Recreational Complex. He is African American with short hair, stands at 4 feet tall and weighed roughly 70 pounds at the time of the disappearance. He was wearing only black shorts with a thin red stripe that day; he had no shirt or shoes on.

The search efforts so far have been physical; investigators have little information about leads or persons connected to the disappearance. Omarion lived with a foster family, so authorities are looking to question his biological parents to determine if he is in their custody. So far, they have been unsuccessful in locating his birth parents.

Search parties have also thoroughly explored Lake Callis and a pool at the complex for evidence. The facility is now closed to the public until further notice.

The FBI has now been called in to assist with the case in addition to local police. Township locals have been alerted to keep an eye out for the fourth grader, who has been described by Police Chief Rick Freedman as “very skilled at hiding.”

If you happen to sight the boy, you are advised to keep him in sight, but not to approach him because he is easily spooked. Omarion also responds to the nickname “Mars.” Anyone with information on the missing child is urged to call 911 or the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office at 810-732-4720.

By Hannah Jay