How an Autistic Teen Gave a Lesson in Forgiveness

autism bullying

Weird, creepy, and rude- Those are just some words bullies described Illinois teenager Gavin Joseph. He was lured by a few guys who tricked him into what he thought was a friendly get together.

When Gavin arrived he was met with strangers who proceeded to choke and punch him so he can “learn his lesson.” Form the incident he suffered a mild concussion, bruised esophagus, fractured nose, and an eye hematoma.

So what Gavin’s response? Did he fight back? Did he press charges (as he has legal right to do)? Neither. Instead Gavin saw this moment as an opportunity to teach a lesson about forgiveness with a 20 minute video spreading awareness of his condition. At the age of three his doctor diagnosed him with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.

When growing up he’s had just as many wonderful memories and as he had difficult ones. His condition isn’t something you can see physically, but he has a lot of difficulty developing social relationships with other people. Everyday interactions were always problematic for Gavin. People often mistakenly perceived him as being impatient, detached, and uninterested. Ultimately he became isolated from others.

Gavin’s mother, Cortnie, says that her son is also kind, generous, and forgiving. This can sometimes come across a bit awkward because communicating those feelings may not always look natural.  So she hopes that sharing their story will encourage parents to talk with their teens about disabilities.

Gavin only asks that his attackers watch his 20 minute video, write a paper on Asperger’s Syndrome, and participate in community service helping people who are disabled.

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By Raiza Belarmino