Teenager With Autism Raises $10,000

autism advocate teen raises money

Seventeen year old Connor Archer is, for the most part, a typical high school senior. He’s a distinguished student who is on the honor roll and a member of the National Honor Society. He plays in several school bands. He is part of the Cross Country, Track & Field team. But at the age of 3 he was diagnosed with Autism. Although he is still overcoming his own challenges, he has been determined to help others overcome theirs as well.

Two years ago, Connor started the Courageous Steps project in an effort to spread awareness about his condition and to fundraise for local programs that have helped him throughout the years. He would like to give others the same opportunity to defy stereotypes associated with any disability.

He was able to generate over $10,000 through his fundraising event held at Victory Field. Two special education programs were given $1,000 each. The Green House Nursery School was given $2,000 to help purchase adaptive equipment and technologies as learning devices. Connor even set up a scholarship fund that awards graduating seniors who have overcome substantial challenges. This year $300 awards were given to three students.

Currently, Connor is working on two summer projects. The first is a benefit dinner that was held at the Old Town Governor’s Restaurant. Ten percent will be donated to the Courageous Steps project. He’s also teamed up with the Old Town Recreation Department for the annual Back to School Drive which donates much-needed school supplies to the local community.

In a recent email he shows his gratitude to all his supporters, stating “It takes a community to come together and support these kind of endeavors, and I cannot thank enough the businesses all over the Bangor area for supporting Courageous Steps. One person can make a big difference, but several can make an impact.”

By Raiza Belarmino