Governor John Kasich Visits Shema Kolainu 

Republican presidential candidate,,Ohio Gov. John Kasich looks at a picture of the White House made by students at a religious school in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Tuesday, April 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

During his recent candidacy, John Kasich stopped by Shema Kolainu to visit our kids.

He stated upon arrival that the kids are “made special, different than we are. We’re going to look at the love that is laid upon not just the Jewish boys and girls who suffer from Autism or any form of disability but also it’s a school that’s open to all people because that is the great tradition of the Jewish community.” 

While he was here, all of the students couldn’t get enough of him. They had prepared letters, questions, and a painting of the White House, which, when he asked whether he could keep it, they replied, “yes!” One of the students, Yaakov, asked why Gov. Kasich wanted to be president and his reply was “So I can help you grow up and be president one day. How’s that?” Yaakov was ecstatic. 

Before he left the students he said that they could come visit him in the White House if he became president and they replied that they would vote for him and they loved him. As he walked away, the childrens’ chants of “Kasich! Kasich!” echoed after him into the hallway. 

Our founder, Dr. Joshua Weinstein commented that “he was compassionate for the kids and was genuinely interested in the different systems we used to help them”. 

Kasich has been a strong supporter of Autism for a long time now and during his presidential campaign he included Coverage for Autism as a necessary change when he addressed healthcare plans in the future. Though he didn’t continue in the candidacy we were proud to have him here and proud of his campaign. We know Gov. Kasich will continue to support Autism and are so glad that our kids left the best impression on him as he did with them.