Playing Xbox AT SCHOOL?

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Xbox Kinect is being used an educational device for students with ASD and is having incredible results thus far. The Xbox Kinect has motion sensors that acknowledge your body movement and allows you to use your body and limbs as controllers for the game. One student commented, “When you use the Kinect it’s actually your body going inside of the game and actually talking to the control.” It is well-known that students with autism need a more kinesthetic approach and this device provides this when you are trying to complete a game or task.

Another benefit of the device is that it can involve games in pairs where two students have to work together and interact with each other to accomplish a common goal in the game. This introduces easier interaction between the students.

Normally, it is hard for students with ASD to do what is asked of them because of the communication involved however, when they are shown by the machine in such a fun manner, it seems to be easier for them to accomplish a task with very little instruction. In addition, in schools where it is being used, the device is a resource for behavior and so far, students have been very receptive to this system and are motivated to complete more work and talk more with their teacher about their behavior (as an example) just so they’ll be able to use the Kinect with the other students later.

While there is not enough research to be conclusive just yet, the machine is gaining popularity and momentum in schools and being recognized as a potential for great strides in the education of students with autism. 

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