MSG-Free Diets for Autistic Children


There is a well-known statement that “you are what you eat.” While we all try to eat a healthy diet and eliminate harmful ingredients from our everyday meals, a diet may be even more influential in the treatment of a child with autism disorder.

Even though it is well known that most autistic children suffer from metabolic and digestive problems, there is still not enough information and research on this subject. While this is the case, one doctor found a common food byproduct that particularly exacerbates autism symptoms.

Dr. Katherine Reid, Ph. D, is a biochemist and a mother of a child with autism. Her daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 2 years old and from that point on, Dr. Reid started her journey in studying the relations between diet and autism treatment.

According to Natural News,  “[Dr. Reid] learned that many children suffering from the disorder had improved symptoms after altering their diets to exclude monosodium glutamate (MSG), gluten and dairy products…”

Dr. Reid studied the influence of products with MSG on her daughter’s autism symptoms and found that glutamate was responsible for transmitting signals between neurons and other cells, which aggravated autism symptoms.

Dr. Reid performed a series of experiments with nutritional therapies and studied vitamin and mineral deficiencies among Americans. She was shocked when she discovered that there are fifty different names for glutamate and it is an ingredient in many foods we eat everyday.

So, what can be done to decrease consumption of glutamate? The good news is there are simple solutions to avoid the substance and improve your child’s diet. Start by avoiding pre-packaged food from supermarkets as well as food with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, additives, food dyes, and preservatives. You can reduce consumption of animal products with antibiotics and hormones by switching to grass-fed meats, cage-free chicken and eggs, and wild-caught fish. By the way, this is good advice for anyone who wants to follow a healthy diet and eat clean.

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