Toys for Children with Autism


Toys and games are a source of joy for kids and parents. In the case of autistic children, your toys and games should not only be fun but also be educational and should help to develop social, sensory, language skills, etc. 

While it’s not hard to buy pretty much anything today at the store or online, when it comes to your special child, you always want to have something special that’s tailored just for him. Our teachers invent a lot of funny therapies and methodologies to play with kids everyday. But what could you do to have fun with your child?

The easiest way to start learning the concept of textures could be brass rubbing. All you need are sheets of paper and a box of crayons. You just set the paper on top of the surface with a texture, and rub over it with a crayon. You can use coins, medals, wood, etc., and create your own gallery of the “texture prints”.


You can invent your own “art lesson” which could be painting on rocks or shells, using crayons or paints, or you can create puzzles with noodles, beans, and flowers, and put your child’s masterpieces on the wall.

Another great idea for developing cognitive skills is also a good activity for a B-Day party. The game is called “What’s in the bag?” All you need is a few brown paper bags and any random objects you can put inside of them. You can use fruits, beans, toys, paperclips, whatever you have around. Ask children to guess what is inside  without opening a bag. They will start to squeeze the bags, shake, lift, then ask them to stick their hands inside and feel for the objects.

Another fun game involves glowing ice and oil. This game will help your kids to learn about density and, of course, it’s a lot of fun. Get an ice tray and mix up some glow in the dark paint and florescent paint with hot water.  Pour it in and let it set.  Once it is frozen, you will have glowing ice (depending on the type of paint you use, you may need to hold it up to the light to recharge it before you use it). You then fill a pan with oil and float the ice in it.  As the ice melts, beads of glowing water will break off and float around inside.  It looks really neat.

In addition, for another good game that’s fun to look at, you can put crystal water beads inside balloons, tie them off, and let your child enjoy the texture.

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