Mr. Cuong Do and Mr. Steven Keisman visit Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices School


Shema Kolainu’s doors are always open not only for parents and children, but also for our friends and board members. Today we had two distinguished visitors, Mr. Cuong Do, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy Group at Samsung, and Mr. Steven Keisman, Vice President, Education and Transition at Identifor.

Dr. Joshua Weinstein, CEO and Founder of Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices introduced our guests to the school and spoke about the challenges he faced while establishing the Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices School and then, in 2004, ICare4Autism, International Center for Autism Education and Research.

After a short excursion around the school and meeting with our students, Mr. Do presented us with his outstanding project called Identifor. Its main purpose is to help all children with disabilities to identify their skills and focus on them in the future. Identifor believes every student deserves a fair chance at a successful future, an education that is built upon everyone’s strength, a job that actually interests him or her, and the chance to find a meaningful place in the world. This goal sounds so similar to what Icare4Autism plans!

“GetAbby” is another great innovative application that will help to distinguish and control the skills and development of its users, the children. Mr. Do introduced us to some amazing games that can be accessed for free from any device. “Find a pair” game is for distinguishing visual-spacing skills, “Melodies” and “Musical Ear” are for discovering musical skills, and “Berserk” can be a tough game for regular children, as it looks to identify their math skills.

As Mr. Keisman said “The synergy can be amazing!” and it’s so true! As we all agreed, there are no kids with disabilities, there are children with abilities; you just have to be patient and you will see miracles with your child.