An Inspiring Story Of A Boy, Who Used To Be “That Kid”


Morgan Wolfers is a 10-year boy from Conifer, Colorado, who loves nature, photography and has autism. National Geographic selects his photos often for their issues and even Joe Biden has one of his photos displayed at home. He also has his own website .

It’s an inspiring story of a boy, who used to be “that kid”.

Morgan was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. People were always looking at him in the “negative way”, according to his mother. Teachers had to give him extra clarification and explanation of the material during the educational process, more than to other children. For Morgan it was hard to concentrate on one thing. That’s the only one difference he had among other children.

Morgan wasn’t accepted by society and other children, because he was not like them. Nature, however, accepted him and showed him all the beauty of this world. Everything started when Morgan and his mother went hiking and he was taking photos on his mother’s phone. Then, the passion for photography arose in his heart and his eyes started to see things that nobody else was able to notice.

What started as a hobby, has grown into a life-passion and, actually, a business. Usually, 10-year old boys and girls do not think about business and what they want to do in the future…But Morgan started selling his work in a Conifer store called Red Roof Relics.  The owner, Loretta Hamilton, charged him $10 for a spot on the sales wall.

10% of his sales go to the Blue Ribbon Arts Initiative which supports autistic artists.

“Try new things and explore your limits and what you want to do,” says Morgan. Now he is “that kid” who inspires “those children”. With this hobby,Morgan’s life has changed; it improved his social skills and helped him focus on the other aspects of his life.

Morgan shows us that we should never lose hope. We should focus only on the best parts of our lives, and cultivate those talents we already have inside each of us.

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