How to Stop Wandering: Some Tips for Parents


Being a parent to autistic child is challenging but their love does miracles. Every child and every case is special and unique. Of course, parents have already surfed the Internet and other resources, including books, phone apps to help them to prevent wandering and other autism symptoms. The list is very long, however, here is a shorter list with a few main points.

As usual, a wandering autistic child seeks attention. As a parent you can show your child other ways he or she can get your attention. If there is something specific he’s wandering to, like a slide on the background, you can try to mimic the sensation from the slide at home by blowing the child with a fan in the house. So the main point is to find out what exactly attracts your child outside and try to re-construct that sound, sensation or maybe construction in the home.

Tracking your child is very important. Nowadays, we live in digital era and there are devices and apps which help parents to monitor their child 24/7. There are devices, like AngelSense, that provide parents with a locked GPS device to attach to the child, which communicates with the phone app to give parents regular location updates. A special tool called “runner mode” sends an updated map location every 10 seconds, and a “listen” mode allows parents to hear audio through the device.

When children are small, a leash or harness can be a good solution to keep them safe. But when they grow up, experts recommend to get a service dog. Besides keeping your child safe, a dog will help to improve and develop communication skills, social skills and become a real best friend to your child. “Dogs are nonverbal, and they tend to form a common language. The bond between the two is something you can’t quantify – it’s magic,” says Elise Lalor, co-owner of Monkey Tail Ranch in Hollister and trainer of autism service dogs.

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