Specialized Art

At Shema Kolainu, our music and arts program is extremely important to our children and teachers. It serves as a form of expression and communication when words are not always available. We encourage our students to create moments and connect with others through the use of art.

Shema Kolainu has become a model school that has succeeded at expanding the communities mind and creating a platform that specializes in the creative ways of individuals with autism.

On similar note, Manhattan’s first specialized art studio, Pure Vision Arts (PVA) is an exhibition space for artists with autism and other developmental disabilities. PVA provides studio space, art materials, exhibition opportunities, and career development for beginning, emerging and established artists. Pure Vision Arts also serves as a resource and consultation center for artists, educators, art collectors and curators.

Pure Vision Arts provides a professional art studio and exhibition space for those we serve that includes:
• High quality art materials
• Artistic guidance and the opportunity to explore a variety of media
• Portfolio development and guidance from a professional and caring staff
• Professional representation providing artists opportunities to exhibit and sell their work at Pure Vision Arts and other galleries and venues both nationally and internationally
• Consultation with family members and/or advocates as needed
• Individualized support for those in need of more specialized attention
• Socialization opportunities with like-minded artistic peers
• Inclusion in the New York art community
• Wheelchair accessible facility that complies with ADA standards (American’s with Disabilities Act)

At Shema Kolainu, we have our own version of PVA. Granted, it’s on a much smaller scale, but contains the same amount of passion, enthusiasm and love for the Arts as our children are busy becoming budding Artists. Maybe one day they will be featured at the famous PVA.

Until then, we will feature work here on a blog for you all to enjoy.

Find out more about PVA by visiting

A gallery of work featuring artwork and music by our children at Shema Kolainu.