The Value of Contributing This December


This month you will view many videos, read a number of articles and scroll past endless advertisements all pointing in the direction of the same destination. A common goal; to raise money for additional funding in 2017. We are aware of this movement, as we have just completed our own donation-based video. Ours is somewhat different though. Our own children created the content.


They are telling the story through their own eyes. They are the experts of the school and become the narrators as they take us through their experience of the Shema Kolainu. So as you view the following video, please remember a few important notes about our children.

The stars of this video are communicating clearly. A skill that many individuals who are on the spectrum find difficult to. The success and development of the students continues to be recognized due to the dedication and passion of the faculty at Shema Kolainu. Emotions are clearly visible as the children express their gratitude and thanks to the teachers throughout the video.

By sharing the video with others you are helping us to spread awareness and continue.