Sharing the love, creating awareness

At Shema Kolainu we experience miracles on a daily basis as our children teach us that anything is possible. Our teachers nurture the creative aspect of education and provide daily classes of art, music and physical therapy to help our students with autism be the best versions of themselves.
Learning about the achievements of adults with Autism throughout the country and worldwide is extremely heart warming and inspiring as it supports our belief.
If children don’t learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn so they can reach success.

A great example of this is an individual who was featured in Huffington Post recently. Eldred-Cohen is a 28-year old creative writer with Asperger’s Syndrome. The Fire Truck Who Got Lost is his first children’s that became a reality through a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

The Fire Truck Who Got Lost is a wonderful story for children who will meet little Barnabus and the older fire trucks who care for him – Wheelie Dan, Agua, Hogwash, Turpentine and, of course, the Big Dalmatian. Little Barnabus gets lost in the big city and has to find his way back to the fire station. It’s a story about getting lost somewhere big and imposing and finding a solution by being smart. What started as a simple story about the importance of family and perseverance has come to life through Amber De Joya’s beautiful artwork. Your children will love the story and grow to love Barnabus.

If we continue to provide the love, education and support to families with Autism, the results are endless and the success will continue to surprise us. Even when children and adults are living on the spectrum they will always continue to break boundaries if guided in the right direction.