Fear of Parents: autism and related developmental disorders.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Expecting a child is a magical and worrying period of every parent time. Parents are very concerned about health and welfare their future child. Unfortunately, autism is turning into a real epidemic since the numbers of children diagnosed with ASD are growing every year. Scientists and researchers don’t know yet for sure what exactly causes autism and how to heal it, we only know that therapeutic and early intervention can improve the autism conditions.

What are the major signs of autism that can make parents to start worrying about their child? According to the medical resources, children who have signs of autism usually avoid social contacts. They do not share or show toys to a parent, do not smile, do not show emotions or facial expressions, not babbling by 12 months or speaking by 16 months, do not respond their name and to your pointing. If your child has these signs, you should show your child to a doctor and if the diagnosis is confirmed, to start early intensive behavioral intervention therapy as soon as possible. It can greatly improve learning, communication and social skills.

Parents should also remember that autism symptoms could be severe. Older children on autism can be difficult to communicate with, they become upset when a routine is changed, do not hold eye contact or a conversation, perform repetitive behaviors, do not respond to others and more.

Autism and anxiety symptoms can appear in a similar way, so it can be hard to set them apart and identify the disorder. There are many tests that researchers use to better identify the anxiety disorders.

We would like to recommend all parents to be attentive to their children and if there are any signs of autism, make sure to get a proper diagnose and start therapy as soon as it’s possible.

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