Wavelengths of technology

Credit: Pep Boatella Spectrum

Credit: Pep Boatella Spectrum

The lack of Inclusion and the ability to communicate can lead to many challenges for a child living with autism. The world is often an array of images and high level sensory overload. Then add the pressure of making new friends and strengthening social skills. The process and experience can be demanding.

A new generation of children is experiencing a wave of inclusiveness. Technology of various types, often thought of as an isolating influence, can actually abet people’s good intentions or help those with autism learn to fit in.

Many of us have felt excluded at some point in our life. Think back to the school cafeteria. The thought of not having friends to sit with. laugh with, enjoy lunch with. A lonely moment for any child to have to live with. This is all too common for children living in the spectrum.

One new app called Sit With Us, invented by 16-year-old Natalie Hampton, helps vulnerable children who have difficulty finding a welcoming group in the lunchroom. Its motto is inspiring: “The first step to a warmer, more inclusive community can begin with LUNCH.” Sit With Us allows students to designate themselves as ‘ambassadors’ and to signal to anyone seeking company that they’re invited to join the ambassador’s table.
On a regular basis we are welcoming new apps, groundbreaking research into technology-based interventions for autism could boost the social skills of children with developmental conditions. Using technology to boost a child’s self esteem, character and ability to make moments with other children is a fascinating and exciting movement that should be acknowledged and incorporated into the lives of our little ones.

Source: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/robots-apps-and-brain-scans-new-tools-to-help-the-autistic-child/