Architecture For Autism

Architecture Autism
Architecture is a form of art; Designs that encompass the mind and build a world that doesn’t already exist. Structures are created so that humans can explore, live, work and play inside. All spaces should feel a sense of safety and this concept is even more important when the mind within it is Autistic.

One architecture professor at the university of Michigan in Ann Arbor is working on a tactile architecture-for-autism environment that does much more than offer visitors a pleasing and diverse experience. IT’s a form of therapy for kids like 7 year old daughter Ara, who has autism spectrum disorder.
In 2002, Magda Mostafa,  then PhD student at Cairo University, was given an exciting project; to design Egypt’s first educational center for autism. Mostafa was under the impression that there would be lengthy resources at hand to help with her design process. After all, one in 68 children in america is estimated to fall on the autism spectrum. She was sadly proven wrong when it came to the lack of information she found when researching.
Since those uncertain beginnings, Mostafa has positioned herself as one of the world’s pre-eminent researchers in autism design. Her latest work, is summarized in “An architecture for autism.” and more information can be found at : The resource serves as a platform as Mostafa builds a guide design as well as an assessment tool “to score the autism appropriateness of a build environment” post occupancy.