Study shows Yoga helps calm students

Kristie Koenig, a researcher at NYU Steinhardt, conducted a study that doing Yoga resulted in a significant decrease in aggressive behavior, social withdrawal and hyperactivity for students with autism attending PS 176X in the Bronx.  The study was done over a 16 weeks period, 17 minutes a day, five days a week.  “We found that teachers’ ratings of students who participated in the daily yoga routine showed improved behavior compared with teachers’ ratings of students who did not,” said Koenig. Continue reading

Surfing as therapy for kids with autism

Jonathan Dixon, a 7 year old with autism, is surfing the waves in Sarasota, Florida.

Dawn Dixon, Jonathan’s mom, first noticed her baby was extremely sensitive to new sights, sounds, and situations. A simple crib mobile sent him into a fit. “When I see him doing something that’s just fun and just being a little boy, it’s the best,” she says. Continue reading

Teen with autism crowned homecoming king

Homecoming was always thought to be a night where  students were recognized and cheered for being the most popular and having the most friends, until recently. A remarkable trend that seems to be catching on in schools across the country, students are using the night to uplift, encourage and embrace students like Danny Leideker, who happens to have autism. Continue reading

Aquatic Therapy helpful to children with autism

Warm water exercise can be a treatment for joint or back pain, and now it’s getting more attention for what it can do for children with autism.

13-year-old Joey is rigid and can barely move. His battle with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and severe autism restricts him to a wheelchair. But in the water, he’s free. The relaxing, 94 degree water, at the California Aquatic Therapy and Wellness Center in Long Beach, allows Joey to tune into his therapist. Continue reading

Tricare ordered to cover ABA therapy for military families

Tricare has been ordered by a federal judge to cover autism therapy for children of military families.  Unfortunately the reimbursement for applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment could take years as the issue is still tied up in court.

Judge Reggie Walton, of U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia who made the ruling, could also extend ABA coverage for active-duty dependents, considering it a medical treatment that would fall under Tricare’s basic program. Continue reading

Therapuetic Riding has other benefits for children with autism

Claire, who is diagnosed with autism, has benefited from therapeutic horseback riding. Her mother,  Jennifer Anderson, recalls when she stated noticing the effect horseback riding has had on her daughter.

“She was sitting on the floor in her room, placing stuffed animals on top of a toy horse, giving them riding lessons,” said Anderson. “I had tears in my eyes. … This was a child who had never done any kind of role playing before, who had never really talked.” Continue reading

iPod touch helps people with asd in the workplace

Adults and children with autism have difficulties with behaviors that relate to communication, cognition and sensory processing.  Not only do people with autism have a hard time finding a job, they have difficulties keeping them as well. Only 15% of adults in the United States  struggling with ASD are working regularly paying jobs. According to new research however, people on the autism spectrum are now able  to work more efficiently with the task management and organizational features on Apple’s  iPod touch. Continue reading

IPad app helps students get creative

Adam Goldberg, a music teacher at P177Q in Queens, NY, a school for special-needs students, has successfully integrated the iPad into his class, creating an iPad band of talented musicians.

“Some of the students in this school who are very low functioning, are really making music,” Goldberg tells

Being on the autism spectrum, Goldberg’s students often have a hard time with communication, socializing and focusing.  But, with use of an iPad, they have been able to play some of the most difficult and challenging music compositions such as “Space Circus” by famous jazz composer Chick Corea. Continue reading

Service Dogs to help Children With Autism

According to a new study, specially trained service dogs may reduce stress in children with autism.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a range of conditions in which kids have trouble communicating and interacting with others, and behave appropriately in social situations. The results of this study showed that children with an autism spectrum disorder experienced decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol after a service dog was introduced into the family.  Previous research has shown these dogs can help autistic children in social situations and improve their daily routine, but the new study is the first to show the dogs can have physiological benefits as well. Continue reading

1 in 88 children are estimated to have symptoms of autism

In a survey sponsored by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as reported by David Brown of Health & Science, the latest evidence states that about 1 in 88 children in the United States has autism and the prevalence of the condition has risen nearly 80 percent over the past decade. Continue reading