Changes in Minneapolis Autism Program Cause Concern

minneapolis autism crisis

This year, 23 incoming Minneapolis kindergartners with Autism Spectrum Disorder have been denied proper access to educational support. Many parents are having difficulty staying calm. Continue reading

Maine Family Moved Across State Lines For Better Autism Services

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A family from Carmel, Maine was forced to move after not being able to find services for their adult autistic child. The Levasseur’s are planning on moving to Virgina, where they hope to find help. Continue reading

Apraxia and Autism Often Go Hand in Hand

autism and apraxia

Researchers have been examining the relationship between apraxia, a rare neurological speech disorder, and autism. In a three-year study, 64% of children with autism also had apraxia. Continue reading

Autism Preschool Soon To Be in Knoxville

autistic preschool

The Hemsleys were inspired by their son to create The Autism Achievement Academy. It will be the first preschool in Knoxville especially design for children with autism. Continue reading

Autistic Teen Defies Odds at Graduation

autistic teen at graduation

This spring, Rhyan Coleman addressed thousands of people in a crowd filled with students, faculty, family and friends. In the speech he shared his journey growing up with ASD and thanked all of those who have supported him in his academic career. Continue reading

Parent Training to Improve Autistic Child’s Behavior

parent training for autism

An article recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that children behave better when their parents receive intensive behavior management training. Continue reading

Autism Spectrum Disorder Has Later Onset for Females

autism onset in girls

A recent study handled by the Kennedy Krieger Institute located in Baltimore discovered that not only are females much less likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but they are also diagnosed much later on in life in comparison to males. Continue reading

Innovative Sensory Therapy Shows Promising Results

autism therapy

Ali Latvala took her autistic son to the New Path Development Center and, within days, was able to notice dramatic results from his sensory therapy. Continue reading

The Autism Show: The Pocket Occupational Therapist

pocket ot

The Autism Show is an online podcast that reaches thousands of people in about 32 countries. Episode 30 welcomed mother, OT, and award-winning author Cara Kosinski. Continue reading